flavors of fall

Let’s be honest: food is the star of autumn. Flavors like caramel, cinnamon, and apples seem to permeate the air. They bring us comfort and evoke nostalgia, like a warm blanket (another beloved fall favorite). But you don’t have to make an apple pie from scratch to get that coveted feeling.

The Green Apple truffle will take you there. It has all the qualities of a slice of apple pie, in chocolate form. Creamy milk chocolate provides the perfect canvas for this work of truffle art. The ganache inside is infused with tart green apples and cinnamon for a flavor that dances playfully across your tongue. Fall at its finest, with every bite.

We believe you can enjoy the best of both worlds; truffle and pie have equal billing at the dessert table—and on your plate. We wouldn’t want your grandmother’s apple to lose its coveted spot.