milk chocolate truffles


When it comes to chocolate, do you play favorites? Whether you’ve been known to fall for the sweetness of milk chocolate or into the reaches of dark chocolate, we understand.

We love it too. But some cravings can only be satisfied with the light sweetness of milk chocolate.

This is where the truffle collection comes in. It’s an array of both milks and darks, making it possible to savor by mood. Indulge in whatever tickles your fancy. And naturally, secure your favorite flavors before they’re snagged by someone else:

Classic – Mood lifting and blissfully indulgent.
milk chocolate + creamy milk ganache

Vanilla – Like a patch of sunlight in the dark.
milk chocolate + creamy vanilla bean

Hazelnut – Even if it were evil, I would forgive it!
milk chocolate + creamy hazelnut

Rum Raisin – A hint of warmth, and sweetness in abundance.
milk chocolate + rum + raisins

Green Apple – Playfully dances across the tongue.
milk chocolate + apple + cinnamon

More of a dark chocolate fan? No worries; we’re plunging into the depths of dark chocolate next.