embrace classic chocolate flavors

It’s true: fortune favors the bold. They make headlines. Turn heads. And have the undeniable power to spice things up. But a little balance in your life is a good thing; sometimes a beloved classic is just as striking as the daring.

Like your favorite LBD or your grandmother’s pearls, the tried and true never go out of style. It’s their timelessness that captivates us. Our luscious collection was created with this balance in mind: the stunning qualities of the bold alongside the classics you know and love. We import chocolate and combine it with an alchemy of flavors for an unforgettable result. Best of all, you can indulge any way you want.

 Vanilla and classic milk truffles exist alongside the chili lime, ready and waiting when the mood strikes. Because you need options; life is so much more interesting that way.  

Our advice? Follow your heart (and taste buds) wherever they lead.