celebrate with chocolate truffles

Are you hosting a gathering this year? There are so many details to remember when planning the party, so we have a few ways to make this year’s festivities memorable for your guests:

Consider a spring brunch over a traditional dinner. It’s the perfect opportunity for guests to mingle over light dishes and fruity cocktails.

Why not embrace a classic? Baked ham is a beloved favorite that is sure to inspire nostalgia. Consider a citrus glaze for a seasonal flair.

Make the table décor edible. Cover the table with colorful chocolate truffles (chili lime, raspberry, and orange kumquat fit the bill) to keep guests entertained after the meal. That is, if they can wait that long to enjoy them.

Fresh flowers are a must. Cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, peonies, tulips—the possibilities are endless. Gather a bouquet of your favorites for that extra little something.

Enjoy the time together. Let’s face it: we’re all busy and taking the time to reconnect with loved ones is the best part of the season.