gourmet chocolate tips

There are times in life when rules should (and do) apply. Other moments call for you to simply do as you please. When it comes to chocolate, we tend to believe you can play both sides of the fence. Follow the rules to keep your favorite indulgence in tip top shape, but find your own way when it comes to indulgence.

We have a few chocolate pointers to keep in mind:


Savor every last bite.
Revel in the experience.
Find daring new pairings for your chocolate.
Make the rules up as you go.
Indulge everywhere; the sky’s the limit.


Keep it all for yourself—sharing has its rewards.
Forget your hiding spot. (when you’d rather not share.)
Store it in the fridge. Keep it in a cool, dark place.
Restrict yourself to just one flavor.
Feel obligated to love milk or dark; love what you love.