spicy chocolate fondue recipe

The distinctive chill of autumn is in the air, and we find ourselves drawn to the warmth. We seek it out wherever we go, from mugs of dark sipping chocolate to the heat of spicy foods.

We’ve discovered the best of both worlds: dark spice chocolate fondue. The warmth of melted dark chocolate, combined with heat-inducing ingredients like cayenne pepper and cinnamon from the Dark Spice bar are quite the combination. And it’s a great opportunity to discover a new pairing.

Fondue makes the perfect dessert for your next party—or a spectacular way to spice up a night in.

What you need:

Dark Spice Chocolate Bars

Your favorite foods for dipping (we like strawberries, pound cake, and bananas)

Fondue set or serving bowl


How you make it:

Place chopped Dark Spice bars into bain-marie over heat, until melted. Transfer chocolate to lighted fondue pot to keep warm. (You can also put it into a serving bowl and serve at room temperature, if desired.)

Slice pound cake, bananas, strawberries or other foods and place in dishes.

Gather your friends and enjoy!