rich dark sipping chocolate


In the chill of winter, there’s nothing more rousing than a beautiful mug filled with rich chocolate. It promises a lush, smooth experience in an otherwise dreary time.

It’s meant to be savored slowly. Sipped with a sense of conviction. Flavors will warm their way across your tongue with every drink—warming you on even the coldest winter night.

Our advice to you?

Drink it in. Every last mouthful. Things are so much more exciting when they feel wrong. But drinking your chocolate? Oh yes. It’s so right.

This distinctively balanced 62% Valrhona chocolate will take you on a journey to other side of sweetness. Mix it with milk and passion, all with due reverence to this languid elixir. There was a time when only kings and their favorites drank chocolate.

But it’s yours now. Have your way with it.