dark sipping chocolate

There was a time when only kings and their favorites drank chocolate. Picture beautiful courtesans tumbling out of royal beds, reaching for carved silver pots, pouring dark frothy richness into fine porcelain cups.

But those days are long gone—our dark sipping chocolate is yours now. And you can have your way with it. The lush, smooth, and luxuriously rich concoction is meant to be savored slowly. And it has a way of bringing people together.

Enjoy it your way; whatever tickles your fancy. It’s been known to stand as a bold statement on its own—and to rouse each of the senses when combined with red wine or your favorite liquor. The sky truly is the limit. It promises to spark all sorts of interesting conversation.

However, there is one very specific thing we recommend: taking it one sip at a time. This allows the flavors to tease their way across your tongue, warming you on even the coldest night.