host a chocolate tasting

Throwing parties can be repetitive: hors de oeuvres, drinks, dinner, repeat. Sure, you can change up the menu. You can even open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion. But let’s focus on variety instead—that is, offering your friends and family something unexpected: chocolate.

Certainly, the mere possibility of tasting chocolate is sure to impress every last one of your guests. But why not take it a step further? An organized (or unorganized, if that’s more your style) tasting is a great way to liven the mood and inspire all sort of conversation.

Just a warning: We find an argument about the merits of dark versus milk chocolate is all but inevitable. Might as well embrace it—and feel free to join in.

Like any other tasting (wine or beer, for example) chocolate is best enjoyed progressively. Start with the lowest cacao content and work your way up from there. This gives your palate the opportunity to “warm up” to the chocolate, slowly enjoying the complexity of the flavors as you go. We recommend pairing sweeter wines like Riesling or even champagne with milk chocolate. The sweetness of the wine is an ideal companion to the sweeter flavors of milk chocolate. The same holds true for dark chocolate: it’s truly divine alongside a glass of pinot noir or cabernet. The bolder undertones pair nicely with the deeper notes of dark chocolate.

It doesn’t need to be stuffy or formal; fun is the name of the game here. And of course, do open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving. We hear it is the perfect complement to chocolate