You love chocolate. You and the rest of the world, right?


But there is something that sets you apart: how you eat it. We’ve assembled a list of chocolate personalities; because sometimes life is meant to be lived inside the (truffle) box.

The Rule Follower: Before savoring, you read all directions first. Take calculated bites. Break chocolate bars into squares, following the lines as you go. Study and record all information for the best outcome.

The Purist: There’s nothing better than a beloved classic. Black and white films, classic flavors without fuss or muss. You love life—and your chocolate—in the purest form possible.

The Daredevil: Rules are meant to be broken. Truffles are devoured in a single move. Bars are engulfed, without regard to the squares. Sweet and salty, daring and spicy—you’re just getting started.

The Scavenger: You love one, you love it all. You taste and test your way through life, discovering until you find what makes you swoon. A box filled with truffles is your playground. The hardest part? Deciding where to begin.

The Savorer: Slow and steady now. You let the flavors tease their way out of chocolate, taking it all in. There’s no need to rush—time is always on your side. You take small bites. Little sips. And love every moment.

The Sharer: Chocolate is much sweeter when you can share it with the ones you love. It’s important for everyone to have a taste of the sweet chocolate you love, divvied up evenly. One for you, three for me…

The Illusionist: Now you see it, now you don’t. Chocolate pulls an impressive disappearing act in the presence of your friends and family. The solution is easy: find the best hiding spot and guard your secret until the smoke has cleared.

The Connoisseur: Chocolate is your passion. You research and taste every variety, uncovering the finest of coverture and flavor profiles. You know all the best pairings. Dark chocolate and cabernet sauvignon? Perfection!

The Resister: A mysterious creature often compared to Sasquatch. Has never been sighted in captivity, though grainy film evidence suggests its presence in remote locations. Is able to say no to chocolate in all forms and flavors entirely. Inhuman willpower.