Just like the chocolate that drives our desires, fashion has a way of spellbinding us. Pulling us in closer to touch and feel, while driving us mad with our need to have and hold. This summer, we’re crazy for cool and sunny citrus tones. Believe it or not, our inspiration began with chocolate. Is that a bit odd? Perhaps. Allow us to explain.

The Pure Madness Chocolate orange kumquat truffle combines dark chocolate, orange, and kumquat for a complex and exotic taste. It’s the perfect cocktail of intense dark chocolate and sweet citrus. And it has us dreaming of draping ourselves in all the orange we can get our hands on.

Like the complex beauty of orange kumquat, these orange-hued products are driving us wild.

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1. L.A.M.B. Jocelyn Pumps

2. Tory Burch Pop Snake Necklace

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Orange Metallic Heathrow iPhone case 

4. Jonathan Alder Whitaker Ottoman

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Dinky Leather Watch

6. Alexander Wang Rocco Textured Leather Bag

7. Tory Burch Logo One-Piece