Rules: they’re meant to be broken.

But when it comes to philosophies, it’s best to stick with a concrete plan. We’ve gone over them before but some things bear repeating:

Chocolate should be ubiquitous

Life is so much more enthralling with chocolate along for the ride. And we’re not just talking the chocolate you keep in your long list of hiding places. Look closer. Chocolate really is everywhere:

The deep coffee-hued Italian leather sofa gracing the lobby of your favorite hotel.

The rich, supple brown moto jacket you keep in your closet for those cool nights out on the town.

Your favorite pair of brown patent leather shoes with the spike heel. Glossy and smooth, like an endless sea of cocoa.

It’s the last bite of your favorite chocolate bar, a sensational reprieve at the end of a long day.

Be it fashion or function, inspiration has a way of bringing such sweet and surprising experiences. Breathe it in. Indulge. Use your imagination. More importantly, savor your way through it all.