pure madness chocolate club

Ever joined a club? Being part of a group has all sorts of rewards—that reach beyond fellowship and camaraderie. That’s a great feature, to be sure, but we believe it should offer you just a bit more. The art of surprise, perhaps. Or, chocolate. That would make for a truly amazing club.

Which is why we formed one of our own; chocolate offers all sorts of rewards. The club was born from a simple question: Wouldn’t it be amazing to send someone (or ahem, yourself) chocolate every month of the year?

The answer was a resounding yes: and the chocolate club was born. Because we know that variety truly is the spice of life, we gave you options. You choose the length: three, six, or twelve months, let us know what you’d like the gift to say and we take it from there. We deliver chocolate to your recipient at the beginning of each month, along with your thoughtful note or a recipe from our blog to provide the most out of the experience.

Whether it’s for a few months or an entire year, the thought of a constant stream of chocolate was one that we refused to keep for ourselves. And if we cannot share things in our club, then what’s the point?