celebrate anniversaries with chocolate

At their essence, most relationships are full of tradition. From the traditions you have with family and friends to the ones you have with the one you love, there are all sorts of odd ways we celebrate. Take wedding anniversaries, for example. Traditional anniversary gifts are as follows:

Year one: paper
Year two: cotton
Year three: leather
Year four: fruit/flowers
Year five: wood

While we can all agree there are plenty of fabulous gifts made of the aforementioned materials, the list is lacking in the excitement department. Why not start a new tradition instead? Dedicating yourself to a yearly adventure is certainly time well spent. If you’re ready for a modern twist on tradition, we have a few ideas to get you started:

Year one: road trip
Year two: a gourmet wine & chocolate pairing at home
Year three: write a love letter
Year four: dinner at your favorite place
Year five: travel abroad

We have a few other modern twists waiting for you here