milk and dark gourmet chocolate bars


Savoring your chocolate by mood always promises to be an interesting experience. From the moment a craving hits, there’s satisfaction in knowing you can indulge any way you please.

The chocolate bar collection was created with you—and your unique tastes—in mind. There really is something for everyone.

HAWAIIAN for the traveler: Smooth 32% milk chocolate is heightened with the perfect mélange of macadamia nuts, coconut, and Hawaiian sea salt.

PURE DARK for the purist: Uniquely rich and harmonious 72% dark chocolate, with spice and exotic fruit notes, creates a smooth finish.

DARK SPICE for the risk-taker: This spiced 53% dark chocolate bar with cocoa nibs, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper offers rousing flavor with a finishing touch of warmth.

SMOKY ALMOND for the connoisseur: Lightly salted, smoked almonds enveloped by robust, creamy 32% milk chocolate to inspire intensely amorous reactions.

ESPRESSO for the coffee lover: The beautifully balanced flavors of 53% dark chocolate combine with dark roasted coffee for a stimulating encounter.

And if that wasn’t enough (we know you have a wild side) we created an unforgettable experience for you:

WILD THREESOME A trio of our most beloved flavors has joined forces to drive you completely wild. When one taste isn't enough, a Wild Threesome is what you need. (Espresso, Dark Spice, and Hawaiian)

We know how much you love chocolate—and we’re always here to please. No matter what mood you’re in.