creamy milk chocolate vanilla truffle

Often, we describe things that are boring as “too vanilla.” As if vanilla is a bland substitute for something far more interesting. We are here to say this: there’s nothing wrong with embracing simplicity. In this case, there’s a very special place in our hearts for a classic.

A simple strand of pearls is the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Those black pumps you’ve had for years are the perfect go-to shoe. And dinner at your favorite place never fails to satisfy your appetite.

There’s as much room for the bold as there is for the basics, don’t you think?

For this very reason, we’ve included the ultimate classic in our truffle collection: the vanilla truffle. It has the power to make headlines; this is vanilla at its very finest. We start with fresh vanilla bean and combine it with milk chocolate for a creamy sensation. It’s like a patch of sunlight in the dark.

And if you’re anything like us, you could use a large patch of sunshine right about now.