autumn apple picking

The air has taken on a slight chill; the leaves have started to turn—which means fall is here. It’s our favorite time of year (we refer to it as sipping chocolate season) for many reasons, but mostly because it opens the door to so many possibilities. How will you make the most of the season?

Catch a sunrise. Every sunrise is beautiful, sure. But in the fall? It’s something out of a watercolor painting with its vibrant pinks and spectacular orange that promises to take your breath away. Set your alarm, grab a cup of something warm and take in the show.

Host that party. You know, the one you and your friends have been talking about all summer long, but you were too busy to make it happen. Make time for the people who enrich your life; it’s time well spent.

Visit a farmer’s market. Saturday mornings were made for shopping. Your local market is the perfect place for fresh fruits and vegetables, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the table.

Embrace a trend. Flared jeans, faux fur, and 70’s vibes are in for fall. Try one of them on for size this season to refresh your wardrobe and add some interest to your boots and sweaters.

Go for a drive. It sounds simple, but it’s a great way to clear your mind. Plus, you’ll be able to take in all those changing leaves we mentioned earlier. And you can always stop for a hike to see them up close.

Pick apples. Ever been apple picking? It’s a surprisingly enjoyable experience for adults and children alike. And don’t get us started on all the amazing ways you can enjoy the (literal) fruits of your labor.