What’s not to love about the truffle? It’s ganache enrobed in chocolate, created in the perfect bite-sized portion. It was designed with indulgence in mind. And the infusion of bold flavor promises mad, intense pleasures.

But we digress.

What goes into making this delectable creation? We’ll always maintain a hint of secrecy, but what we can tell you is this: there are three very distinct anatomic proportions to the confection you love.


You wouldn’t build a home and never decorate it. We have the same philosophy when it comes to truffles: the décor makes the chocolate a truffle. Chocolate should look as beautiful as it tastes. The top of the truffle is where form meets function: a beautiful sight for the eyes is also a visual indication of flavor.

Each dazzling creation is carefully hand decorated with décor meant to complement its flavor profile. From a dash of sea salt to a sprinkling of real raspberries, there’s plenty for your eyes to take in. But we suggest your tongue do all the heaving lifting.

Outer shell

The smooth exterior offers a home for the creamy ganache center; a globular object of desire. The spherical shape, carefully formed in a round mold, is all part of the allure. The shell should encapsulate the sweet spot of not-too-thick but not-too-thin. It should provide the desired snap without overwhelming the precious contents inside. Which leads us to, arguably, the best part.


We saved the best for last. The truffle interior is where the magic happens: a smooth outer shell gives way to a creamy, whipped chocolate center with the first bite. It’s the perfect consistency. Enrobed in a layer of chocolate, it’s a marriage of textures and experiences. The juxtaposition of smooth meets soft is a romantic tryst of the chocolate variety.

The ganache center is where the flavor resides, thanks to the additional of natural ingredients like kumquat, raspberry puree, or a shot of espresso. It’s the perfect opportunity to finish with a thrilling experience.