top activities for the winter season

Of all the seasons, winter is the sparkliest—and most memorable. Lights twinkle, shops glow and you look fabulous in your party clothes. It’s the season of giving (and receiving). In the madness of the holiday, it’s important to delight in the little things. Take a moment to yourself. And, of course, spend time with family and friends.

We have a few ideas to get you started:

Host a sipping chocolate soiree. Pour this rich concoction into mugs and watch the conversation flow. Add your favorite spirits for an adult twist.

Give back. Volunteer at the local shelter, soup kitchen, or animal rescue organization. Embrace the joy of the season with the gift of your time. We have a feeling you’ll get a lot in return.

Embrace tradition. Bake a beloved family recipe, light the candles surrounded by the ones you love, or just spend a night watching your favorite holiday movie. Nostalgia is big this season.

Start a new tradition. Cut down your own tree this year, give your host(ess) a tin of peppermint bark, or host a party with old friends.

Try something wild. Start with chocolate infused with chili pepper and see where it takes you next. Things are sure to get interesting.