wine and chocolate pairing

“We should go out.” It’s a thing people say often. Whether it’s out to dinner or the movies or even a party, there are always places to go. Things to do. But you inevitably reach that point in the evening, as we all do, when you’d like very much to go home.

So, why not skip the going out altogether? While parties and socializing are lovely, staying in has its own merits. A bottle of wine is a good place to start. Plan your meal (or get takeout, your choice) and even invite a few friends over. After the plates are cleared—but not before the wine is gone—break out the chocolate.

We created our chocolate bars with different tastes in mind, including yours. Whether you go crazy for milk chocolate or prefer to walk on the dark side. So, break out the chocolate. But just know, we cannot be held responsible for what happens next.