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Fresh Madness

A Blog from Pure Madness Chocolate

Fresh Madness

A Blog from Pure Madness Chocolate

kick dessert up a notch

June 8, 2017 | Pure Madness

cheesecake dessert with truffles

The conclusion of a meal proves to be an interesting stage of the evening. Things begin winding down as the plates are cleared and the night seemingly draws to a close. But the promise of what comes next inspires true excitement.

“What’s for dessert?” your guests will inquire, their anticipation getting the best of them as each moment passes.

The dishes can wait—you have a bigger priority here. In a moment fraught with dramatic flair, the cherished conclusion to the meal will emerge. Be it a cake or chocolate-infused wonder, you are sure to leave your guests in awe.

Don’t just serve any dessert; deliver a masterpiece. A cheesecake surrounded in truffles is sure to inspire euphoria and spark interaction. A cake that’s better than sex is also a popular option. A light and airy espresso infusion will make the perfect nightcap.

Where things go from there is entirely up to you.

rainy day plans

April 11, 2017 | Pure Madness

rainy day activities

Spring is a beautiful, but often fickle, time of year. One moment the sun is shining and the next a torrential downpour descends upon you. It makes for bright green grass and blossoms galore, but it can also put a damper on your plans.

Which is why it’s best to have a backup plan—and willingness to go wherever the road takes you. So when the rain hits, as it does this time of year, you’ll be ready. Here are our favorite ways to spend a rainy day:

Unplug & reconnect: turn off the TV, shut off your devices and spend some quality time together. Dust off those board games you’ve always loved and enjoy the friendly competition.

Treat yourself: Personal indulgence is one of the most pleasurable things in the world. This is the perfect time to partake in one of our favorite spring flavors, citrus. The orange kumquat truffle is just the thing.

Cozy up: There’s just something about rain that makes us want to slow down and recharge. Something warm hits the spot, too: a mug of something rich and dark promises to satisfy.

Just cruise: When was the last time you hopped in your car and drove? No destination in mind, no plan in place—just going wherever your heart desires. It’s more interesting (and relaxing) than you think.

What’s your favorite rainy day activity? 

how does spring taste?

March 22, 2017 | Pure Madness

orange kumquat dark chocolate truffle

There’s no doubt: this season has a feel. Some might even say it has a smell (freshly cut grass and lilacs, perhaps?) but we’re here to argue it also has a very specific taste.

The excitement builds as we take in the shift—both in the outdoor temperature and our wardrobes. Long forgotten, thankfully, are heavy sweaters and boots. But our favorite part of the season is all the ways we can taste it on our palates.

This is where the magic happens. While we’ve never been ones to play favorites, we consider this orange kumquat season. It’s the truffle that embodies spring in every way: the sweet tartness of kumquat mixes beautifully with orange and dark chocolate for a uniquely decadent (and citrus infused) experience.

It’s a truly beautiful sight. Although, we’d recommend eating it instead of simply looking at it. 

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